On a train in Romania; photo credit: Mariana B.

Thank you for your visit.

I am a (cross-cultural) social scientist interseted in researching on values, stereotype accommodation as well old age stereotypes and discrimination. More recently, I also research on methods-related issues. I hold degrees in Sociology, Social Sciences and Psychology from universities in Romania, the Netherlands and Germany respectively. Currently, I hold a postdoctoral position of research and teaching at the University of Vechta, in Germany, where I am a member in Prof. Dr. Maria Pavlova’s group.

After eight years in Germany, I am excited to now possess double nationality, Romanian-German!

I believe in research and teaching which treat participating individuals as human beings who each has their own life story, individual trait characteristics and, most importantly, opportunities in life. I am still developing my academic profile and thus you may have not heard of me before. I kindly ask for your patience and constant interest in my current, ongoing as well future contributions.

This website is my attempt to reach you, the reader. I trully hope there is something worth of your interest here.

Dr. Adrian Stanciu