4th International ESS Conference, Mannheim, Germany
Stanciu. Stereotype accommodation: Immigrants’ internalization of their host cultures’ stereotypes of old people [formerly as: Horizontal transmission of elderly stereotypes from native population to immigrants].

51st Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Stanciu, Witte, & Boehnke. A new empirical approach to inter-cultural comparisons of value preferences based on Schwartz’s theory.
Conflict Research Society (CRS) Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK
Stanciu, Smallenbroeck, Arant, & Boehnke. Value development trajectories and political engagement in mid-adulthood: Evidence from a three-decade longitudinal study of peace movement sympathizers and activists. Oral presentation in the Panel “Peace Psychology”, chaired by H. Blumberg.
IACCP International Congress, Guelph, Canada
1.Stanciu, Witte, & Boehnke. Introducing the ‘distribution approach’ as an alternative methodology to empirically arrive at value priorities at the culture level. Oral presentation in the Symposium “The BIGSSS symposium: Value-behaviour relation, value priorities, and value change”, chaired by M. Boehnke.
2.Stanciu. On how a combination of the Social Network Paradigm and focus group interviews can provide insights into ‘cultural fluidity’. Poster presentation (poster).

IACCP Regional Congress, Warsaw, Poland
1. (“Overall and Contextually-Bound Well-Being: A Suggestion of Life Satisfaction as Different Facets of Well-Being”) (slides)
2. (“Under-Represented Ethnic and Cultural Groups from the Eastern European Context. A Research Incubator for Young Academics”) (organized panel) (slides)

IACCP International Congress, Nagoya, Japan
(“Four dimensions of stereotypes: Evidence from Romania and a seven-culture test of structure reliability”) (slides)
ICP Congress, Yokohama, Japan
(“Stereotype Based Faultlines: The Effects of a Stereotypically-Consistent Composition of Groups on Inter-Group Relations”) (slides)
Diaspora Conference on Research and Graduate Education in Romania, Timisoara, Romania (held under the high patronage of the Romanian Presidency)
(“Adaptation of Personal Stereotypes to Cultural Stereotypes: Research Suggestions and Initial Evidence”) (slides)

IAIR International Congress, Bergen, Norway
(“When Stereotypes Acculturate. Cognitive Adaptation Patterns of Romanian Migrants in Four European Countries”) (slides)

IACCP International Congress, Reims, France
1.(“Have You Heard of the Manelisti? An Incursion Into the Cultural Stereotypes of Romanians”) (slides)
2.(“Introducing the Integrative Model of Stereotype Acculturation (iIMoSA): A Complementary Psychological and Sociological Perspective About the Stereotypes Held by Migrants”) (slides)
28th EFPSA Congress, Baile Felix, Romania
(“The Roles of Culture and Migration in Shaping and Re-Shaping the Content of Stereotypes”) (slides)
SocLife Spring Workshop on Statistics, Cologne, Germany
(“From Pieces to the Whole Using Structural Equation Modelling: The Case of Scale Construction for Measuring Stereotype Content in the Romanian Cultural Context”)(slides)
MIGREMUS Colloquium on Integration and Spatial Mobility, Bremen, Germany
(“The Integrative Model of Stereotype Acculturation: A joint psychological and sociological perspective about changes in stereotypes held by migrants”) (slides)

SoDoc PhD Workshop, Cologne, Germany
(“When stereotypes acculturate: The Integrative Model of Stereotype Acculturation”) (slides)