This list contains only my teaching record as a (co)instructor. For the list that contains also my record as a TA, please see my CV.

Winter Semester, 2018
1. Psychologische Forschung zu Altersbilder – Entstehung und Folgen [Psychological research on views of aging – Development and consequences] (MAG-9.2 / alt: MAG-10.2 Seminar), University of Vechta (in German) (syllabus)

2. Heterogenität des Alterns aus psychologischer Perspektive [The heterogeneity of aging from a psychological perspective] (MAG-8.2/ alt: MAG-9.2 Seminar), University of Vechta (in German) (syllabus)

Summer Semester, 2018
Introduction to Reading and Understanding Research Articles in Psychology (71070 Seminar, AG-7 Module), University of Vechta (Syllabus)

Evaluation examples:
“What I liked most about the seminar was the broad overview on how to read and understand the articles. I particularly liked the hourglass image that visualized the different aspects and functions of the sections. I liked that we discussed the different parts very detailed.”

“What was most difficult for me was probably when we did double classes. To concentrate on such a theoretical content for such a long time was quite exhausting.”

Spring Semester, 2017
Current Debates in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations (No. CO41-701101), Jacobs University Bremen, Germany (co./w. Prof. Christopher J. Cohrs & Dr. Regina Arant)

Evaluation examples:
“I liked the fact that we had the opportunity to talk about papers that our professors had written so even if we had questions, it was easier to have a concrete answer.”

“Presenting the papers of instructors, I personally think, will make the instructors grade in a relatively partisan way since they may have some kind of ‘expectations’ “